EMU Black Standalone Engine Management Unit

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Temperature Bereich: AECQ100 Grade2 (-40 to + 105C)
Verpolungs und Kurzschluss gesichert
Betriebsspannung: 6-22V (resistance to transients according to ISO 7637)
Gehäuse: IP 65, Aluminum CNC gefräst, designed by ECUMaster
Abmessungen (mm): 150x72x31, Gewicht (g): 390
Electrical connectors: 1×24, 1×39 FCI specifications Automotive
PC Communication: USB (füt Windows Software), serial, CAN-Bus
-8 Injectors (5A protected, low side)
-6 Ignition (15A rated, protected, für passive oder active Spulen, bis zu 12 Zylinder in wasted spark)
-6 Auxiliary Ausgänge (5A protected, low side)
-‘Full bridge’ rated to 7 Amps, kann als separate Ausgänge oder als 2 x H-Bridges benutzt werden
-WBO Heater: Rated to 5A (low side)
– 9 Analoge Eingange mit 10Bits auflösung, 0-5V (protected)
– 2 EGT Eingänge (type K thermocouple)
– 2 knock Sensor Eingänge
– Lambda Sonde: Bosch LSU 4.2, LSU 4.9 oder Sprungsonde
– 3 Trigger Eingänge (crankshaft, 2x camshafts) Hall / VR
– 1 vehicle speed sensor (Hall / VR) (Front/Rear wheel speed coming soon)
– 1 dedicated Flex Fuel Sensor input
– 3 switched inputs (switchable to ground)
-Temperature: IAT, CLT, Oil temp., AC EVAP temp, Fuel Temp via Ethanol Content Sensor
-Pressure: Oil, fuel (defined characteristics), Air pressure (MAP/EMAP)
-Lambda: LSU 4.2 (embedded controller), 4.9 (embedded controller), narrowband probe, or external controller
-Frequency: Vehicle speed sensor (VR / HALL) Gear sensor (sensor or calculation)
6 output channels (passive and active coils – software definable, up to 12 cylinders in wasted spark)
Supported triggers: N-1, N-2, N-3, N + 1, Multitooth, Subaru triggers, trigger Nissan, Lotus Elise, Audi trigger, Renault Clio Williams / Alpine, Colt 1.5CZT
Ignition Table: 2 tables 16×20 (load x speed), resolution of 0.5 degrees
Per-Cylinder Ignition Corrections: Yes
Coil Dwell Correction: YES, wizard selectable for popular coils, or can be user-set
Additional correction strategies: CLT, IAT, TPS vs MAP, Nitrous, Idle, Knock sensor, LC, Pit limiter, ALS, Flat shift, Timers, Acc.enrichment
Injector Outputs: 8 High Impedance Injectors (full sequential, up to 12 semi-sequential)
Adjustment of injection angle: 0-720 degrees
Latency correction for voltage: YES, wizard for popular applications, user-definable
Fueling strategies: VE based on “speed density” or “Alpha N” strategies, with additional modifiers
Air charge temp: Based on IAT and CLT
VE Tables: two 16×20 (Load x RPM), accuracy 0.1%
Individual cylinder trim: Yes
Staged injection: Yes
Additional Correction Strategies: Oxygen sensor Corrections, EGT correction (per cylinder), BARO, TPS vs MAP, TPS vs RPM, warmup, Nitrous, LC, ALS, ASE, Fuel pressure, Knock, Leanout protection
Real-time correction based on Lambda sensor: Uses Lambda / AFR target map
Channels: 2
Frequency range: 1-20kHz, 3rd order AAF
Sampling: Ignition event driven, knock window
Definable events: ignition retard, fuel enrichment, dash light indication
Variable valve timing:
Supported strategies: VVTi, MIVEC, VANOS, Dual VANOS, AVCS
Number of variable cams supported: 2
Control Strategies: PID based on closed loop referencing ‘CAM angle target’ (12×12)
Idle Control:
Types of control: PWM solenoids (2.3 lines), ‘drive-by-wire’, stepper motors (unipolar and bi), ignition cut, cut fuel
Control Strategies: Open / Close loop, Ignition modification, Ignition cut
VE Corrections: Yes, Alpha-N
Corrections: Load (air conditioning clutch, cooling fan load), or definable analog inputs
Control Strategies: Advanced 3D PID Algorithm plus static friction compensation
Supported e-throttles: All DC motors requiring less than 6,5A, 28 popular E-throttles supported in DBW wizard menus
‘PPS characteristic maps’: 3D tables referencing commanded VS. actual throttle angle and RPM, driver switchable
Downshift Blip Support: Yes
Rally-Style Antilag Support: Yes
Strategies: Delta RPM, gear compensation, F/R wheel speed (coming soon)
Reduction of torque: cutting the ignition using the 3D map (16×20)
Sensitivity control: with 10 positional rotary switch
‘Boost ref’ and ‘target-tables’: 2 sets of maps 10×10 (TPS vs RPM)
Control Strategies: Open / Closed loop (PID based)
Corrections: Gear, VSS, IAT, EGT
CAN standard: 2.0A 125, 250, 500, 1000 kBps
Supported protocols: CAN ECUMASTER, Motec M800 Set 1, Haltech E8 E11v2, Pectel SQ 6, AEM
Supported vehicle protocols: E46 BMW, Citroen C2, Mazda RX8, Ford ST, Polaris RZR, R53 Mini Cooper, Fiat 500, Renault Clio, Lotus, Ford Fiesta, Ford ST, EVO X (AYC support) and many more …
Lambda guard: Engine protection for lean conditions, safety strategies for fuel enrichment, partial throttle closure, and reduction of boost pressure
User-definable critical values for sensors: Yes
Displaying error or critical value: Yes (user definable)
Overtemp protection: Yes (Oil Temp and CLT), definable by the user, RPM limit
Protection for low oil pressure: Yes, definable by the user, turn off the engine if necessary
Protection low fuel pressure: Yes, delta fuel pressure compensation, RPM limit, turn off the engine if necessary
Protection for high EGT: Alarm, per cylinder fuel trim, boost limit
Measurement of ethanol content: Yes
Fuel Density Compensation: Yes
Blending between maps: VE, IGN, Lambda / AFR, Boost, Cranking fuel, ASE, Warmup
Fuel temperature / PWM Correction: Yes
ALS: 2 independent settings ALS, DBW support
Shift light: for each gear
Launch control: Yes
Gear cut: Yes (open loop), DBW blip supported source: Switch, load cell, CAN
Pit limiter: Yes
Rolling anti lag: Yes
Unused Injector outputs repurposed as Aux outputs: Yes
Input/Output functions: fuel pump, radiator fans, start/stop button, nitrous oxide, map switching, 3D PWM outputs, A/C clutch control, main relay control, speedometer, tachometer and other …
Password Protection: Yes, 2 levels of control
Timers: Fuel, Ignition, Boost timers controlled by virtual outputs
Serial protocol for dash displays: AIM, RaceTechnology
Autotune: Yes
Built-in oscilloscope: Yes